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Just get up off the ground, that's all I ask. Get up there with that lady that's up on top of this Capitol dome, that lady that stands for liberty. Take a look at this country through her eyes if you really want to see something.
- Jefferson Smith

Lewisham’s swimming pool champion and BC regular, Max Calo, has announced on his blog that he will stand as a prospective LibDem councillor at the next election.

Max cites an incident that took place in an Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel committee meeting in May 2007 as the initial catalyst for his political ambitions. It’s a darkly funny moment in which one Councillor attempts to prevent the Mayor’s decision being scrutinised by invoking something close to the principle of Papal Infallibility. He believes a lack of accountability is at the heart of many of Lewisham Council’s problems and has vowed to clean up Catford politics.

From what we know of him, Max is a person of great integrity, intelligence and passion and it’s encouraging that people like him are committed enough to try and make a positive contribution to Lewisham.


Tressilliana said...

Fantastic news, but his name's Calo, isn't it?

Brockley Nick said...

Whoops! Sorry Max. Max Gallo would be a turn up for the books:


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, that's a very great thanks I'm sending you.

Anonymous said...

If it's Mung Beans in Brockley what's the Italian equivalent in Lewisham Central?

Anonymous said...

If memory serves me didn't a former Labour leader of the councill try to head this off at a Local Area Forum by describing a discussion as illegal?


From the minutes, about the pool at Loampit Vale....

Councillor Feakes commented that according to statistics if
the pool opens in 2010, by 2021 it would have reached its

This is still at planning approval stage at the momement.

Meaning in less than 10 years the pool will have reached its capacity?

Anonymous said...

Planning committee for Loampit Vale in this Thursday.
I'm just writing my blog post on that.

Lewisham Central Italian equivalent to Mung Bean is quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany, low carbon footfall and high in nutrients. I can also see a clear possibility of putting the two together.

Anonymous said...

On the former Leader's attempt to stop the Area Forum from taking a vote:

He's now running again and I read on a Labour leaflet that Mr Mallory is now "committed to restoring people's sense they can influence council decisions".

Tressillian James said...

Max - good luck to you - I know it must be an awful lot of hard work you are about to take on. I saw you at a council's question time a while back (I was there with a group of protestors to pose further questions and given short shrift by the chamber). I thought at the time how well you knew the system and what dedication and patience you must have to deal with it. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks TJ, yes it's quite some work but that's ok, I'm a restless kind of soul anyway.

M said...

Best of luck Max.
What's happening with the Playtower plans btw - is that on the back burner until you achieve some real power? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks M.

Re the Playtower, I walked past it yesterday and saw a visible deterioration.
This is due to the fact that the windows were left open and pidgeons allowed to nest in and the weather to take its toll.
This was pointed out to officers some months ago, they were asked to close the windows, they didn't and now it's looking seriously worse than it did last year.

It reminded me of how urgent it is to act on that. The Ladywell Village Improvement Group was leading on this and had a very well developed plan for using it as a Youth Club, they had Council's backing for this.
I had a proposal for another use as many can remember, but whatever plan is pursued, until the funds for the implementation of a scheme are found I think it's imperative that something to stop the deterioration is done.
It wouldn't have been too expensive to close the windows, now it's another matter, there are bits falling off inside visible from the street.

fred vest said...

good luck to you max (i would have preferred to see you stand as an independent as you have the profile and base to do so, but can appreciate your tactical reasons for hitching up with the libdems)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fred, much appreciated.

I don't find the role of independents appealing actually, it's a party system and independents are a bit like ships among icebergs once there.
Plus there is the Mayoral system here, so you really have very little influence unless you can get organized with others, or unless you're the Mayor of course but in that case you'd be on your own even more as an independent.

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