Our little baby’s all growns up

Just get up off the ground, that's all I ask. Get up there with that lady that's up on top of this Capitol dome, that lady that stands for liberty. Take a look at this country through her eyes if you really want to see something.
- Jefferson Smith

Lewisham’s swimming pool champion and BC regular, Max Calo, has announced on his blog that he will stand as a prospective LibDem councillor at the next election.

Max cites an incident that took place in an Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel committee meeting in May 2007 as the initial catalyst for his political ambitions. It’s a darkly funny moment in which one Councillor attempts to prevent the Mayor’s decision being scrutinised by invoking something close to the principle of Papal Infallibility. He believes a lack of accountability is at the heart of many of Lewisham Council’s problems and has vowed to clean up Catford politics.

From what we know of him, Max is a person of great integrity, intelligence and passion and it’s encouraging that people like him are committed enough to try and make a positive contribution to Lewisham.