Bridge House - Completion September 2010

A couple of weeks ago, we were contacted by a parent of a child at John Stainer, who said that she'd been told by the school that the Bridge House development on Mantle Road (adjoining platform 1 of Brockley Station) would feature a Tesco on the ground floor. She asked us whether we knew anything about it.

The plans have always included retail for the ground floor, but this is the first time we'd heard any suggestion that a supermarket chain would use the site.

After speaking to a number of very pleasant people at the Tesco press office, we were referred to the press officer responsible for small stores in the area. Unfortunately, that's where the trail went cold - repeated calls to voicemail yielded zero response.

So we tried another route and contacted the developers, the L&Q Housing Association.

As well as confirming that the building is due to be completed in September 2010, they stated that they have "not yet entered into any agreements over the commercial use."

Of course, "not yet" does not mean it never will, however, the site seems poorly-suited to the needs of a supermarket chain. The small Tesco on Lewisham Way relies on multiple deliveries by lorry each day, whereas the Bridge House site is served only by a narrow road, with no parking and lorry traffic limited by a low bridge next door. The rear of the site faces on to the railway tracks.

Thanks to L&Q for their help and it's good news to hear that the project is on track for completion next year.