Brockley Assembly: Fifth meeting

The Brockley Assembly is due to convene again on Monday 14th September from 7pm til 9pm at the Leander Community Centre on Ship Street in St Johns.

The main subjects for discussion will be:
- A final vote on how to spend the £50,000 Mayor's Fund cash;
- Information from the police about how to get involved in Neighbourhood Watch;
- A discussion with young people on their issues about the area and how the assembly could help.

Some of the proposed projects which will be voted on at the event are:
- A music studio for local young people;
- A food festival showcasing Brockley's different cultures;
- Shrubs or planters in fly-tipping hotspots;
- Extra street bins.

The three local councillors - Darren Johnson, Romayne Phoenix and Dean Walton - will be there to hear everyone's contributions to the debate.


Happy Camper said...

I thought Darren had just come back from holiday.

You've missed the bus Mr SEO EXPERT

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the council supply extra street bins ??

Anonymous said...

Ah good Idea,Flower beds Instead of real beds

Anonymous said...

hmm a music studio for local kids? please.. and what about a tv presenters course and modelling lessons

Anonymous said...

can we spend the money sorting out the station

Anonymous said...

There were other ideas put forward but the Assembly committee decide which ideas go forward to public discussion. It would be interesting to know what the other ideas were.

Unknown said...

what good do you think a music studio for kids will do?

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