Flytipping by J R Hartley

Few things generate more heat on BC than the issue of flytipping, but now someone is hoping to use the site to throw a little light on the problem too.

Tom has been in touch, because he's studying for his MA in Design Communication and is working with Lewisham Council to understand how best to tackle the problem of flytipping in the borough. To help with his initial research, he'd appreciate the help of BC readers, who he'd like to complete this quick questionnaire and email it back to him. Just cut and paste the text below, fill in your answers and email to the address at the bottom.

1. Are you Male or Female?

2. Age

3. Street name?

4. Do you currently Rent or Own your house/flat?

5. How long have you lived in Lewisham?

6. Have you used the website?

7. How often do you use the Landmann Way Recycling Centre.
Every Week
Twice a Month
Once a Month
Once a Year

8. Reasons for using it:

8.1 Do you feel it provides a good service?

9. If you have never used Landmann Way Recycling Centre, Why?
Don’t know about it.
Haven’t needed to use it.
Too far away
Don’t own a car.

10. What do you consider to be the biggest obstacle for people to use this facility?

11. Have you ever fly-tipped? Do you know of anyone who has fly-tipped? If yes, Why? (Remember this is completely anonymous!)
How much?

12. How much would you be prepared to pay for disposing of large household items such as mattresses and furniture?

13. What issues affect you the most in relation to living in your street (surrounding area).

14. Whats your favourite thing about Lewisham?

Any further comments regarding Lewisham, flytipping or any other issues?

Would you be happy to be contacted further? All information will remain anonymous.
If Yes:

Thank you for you time and help.

Please email the questionnaire to:


Hugh said...

MA in what?

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

I have to agree with Hugh here, just for a change.

I can just about understand the concept of Communication Design but not the other way around.....

Anonymous said...

You'd probably get more responses if you created a web survey at Survey monkey or something...

Anonymous said...

Communication Design is about designing effective ways of communicating with people, such as forms which - typically - are poorly designed.

I used to hate Landmann Way when I went there. Always some excuse to be turned away - i.e. your Council Tax bill was slightly out of date or there was some reason for it being closed (despite saying it is open basically all the time on the Council website).

Erin Brock said...

Quite agree about the restricteveness of Landmann way Anon.; though some of my neighbours seem to have found an ingenious way round going there at all. They deposit their large household stuff (including that banned from L.W. like plasterboard)across the road from their houses and the Council collects it all in a lorry at least once a week.Ssimpell.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Still no explanation of Design Communication?

As opposed to Communication Design Anon I did know what that was.

Anonymous said...

Poor old JR. I wonder if he lived in the conservation area? Seemed the type but I could never imagine him enjoying a slice of artisan brie.

Still, he would've loved Amazon.

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