The People's Plinthess, today at 12pm

A friend and colleague of Brockley Central's will be going on the Fourth Plinth today at 12pm until 1pm.

She was intending to use the time to promote Camfed, but the postal strike meant that the charity's materials didn't arrive in time.

So instead, she is going up there with a flipchart and a marker pen and taking requests for nice messages for her to write for the benefit of the camera and the audience down below. The messages can be anything you like - from words of inspiration to dedications.

You can follow her on Twitter here or on the webcam here.


Tyrwhitt michael said...

Can't twitter but just watched TPP arrive.

Looks like a flipchart on a windy plinth could be a problem....

Lets hope not.

Brockley Nick said...

She's a very resourceful young woman.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

You were right Nick.

Roll of sellotape to the rescue.

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