Browns of Brockley blog

Browns of Brockley, the new deli on Coulgate Street, has launched a blog ahead of the shop's imminent opening.

Brockley Central has been resisting the temptation to pester Ross, the proprietor, about how he's getting on. The shop is gradually taking shape, with something new in the window every time we walk past and his twitter updates give plenty of clues as to the eventual menu, opening date and his stress levels.

His first entry is about Roundwood Orchard Pig Farm and as well as offering us a picture of his ridiculously cute dog, he's signed off with a message to us all:

"Just on a quick sidebar, thank you to anyone that has stopped by the shop and said nice things or even if you've just looked in the window and smiled. sorry it has taken so long but I wanted to create an exciting shop with exciting produce, unfortunately that all takes time."

"I probably won't update this until the shop opens as i'm preparing for a week of unadulterated stress, however I really am going to commit to posting once a week."

It's encouraging to see local businesses embracing the potential of the internet to engage with its customers and to see that Ross is so passionate about his work - let's hope both things pay off.