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Nunhead Arts Week 2009

September 18th - 27th, click here for more details.

Frendsbury Gardens Mosaics
The mosaic sculptures for Frendsbury Gardens are ready and will be installed over the next few weeks. Organiser Gareth would like to invite you to a series of informal workshops to help with the grouting of the mosaics. The artist will be in the garden on the following days to complete the sculptures: Tues 29 Sept, Wed 30 Sept and Thurs 01 Oct Time from 10am – 4pm.
Green Tea Architects Open Day
Green Tea Architects, the latest additions to the Tea Factory, are offering 30 minute consultations in return for a £20 donation to charity on October 1st.
Appointments are available between 7am and 6pm. Call 020 8694 1759 to book.


Tamsin said...

Things aren't communicated across the boundaries of local districts, are they? If advance notice had been given to you, or the Gate Post or to the Telegraph Hill Centre so that I knew about the Nunhead Arts week a few weeks back I could have put it in the Hilly Telegraph.

Anonymous said...

Tamsin, not sure if you're on Facebook or not - but there's a group on there called Nunhead Rocks who sometimes have details of local stuff happening: There's also a blog for the Arts Week itself:

Tamsin said...

No, I'm not. And life is a bit too short to go around chasing for information that is not in the places that I can readily source - this blog, the Gate Post (which by good chance came at the apposite time) or in flyers or e-mails to the Telegraph Hill Centre.

I didn't really have space anyway - would have had to drop another point size to fit anything else in.

Boxy said...

Anything happening at Tea leaf arts? It's a bit sad not to hear from the gallery considering how widely anticipated its arrival seemed to be.

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