The Long and Winding Road

... Or rather, ramp. The long and winding ramp up which Brockley's denizens must walk to reach their train station, to be precise.

BC has no new info for you on what is rapidly becoming the sequel to the Wickham Rd wall saga, but we thought it was worth a post anyway to register our continued frustration and disappointment.

This project has been going for months, and has been planned for years. The stairs have been closed for weeks, and activity on site ceased quite some time ago. The project is now in limbo. Meanwhile weeds grow on the station's once-grassy knolls, and commuters tramp across the muddy slope (can you imagine how bad it will be once the autumn rains set in?) to shortcut the ramp. The station staff have recently taken to closing the gate on platform 2, meaning that the only eastside access is via the ramp, causing much frustration at rush hour.

No public communications have been forthcoming from either Lewisham Council or Southern Trains (other than some correspondence with BC regular Catman), both of which are clearly guilty of treating local residents with flagrant disregard.

BC would like to see the council issue a clear timetable for the remainder of the works to be completed, and to set up displays around the site to communicate to local people about the project's aims, progress so far and future schedule.
And then we would like to see the project finished as per the timescale.

Is this too much to ask?