Brockley Station works - Update 2

Courtesy of Cllr Walton comes this update from the Council's regeneration team, which is responsible for the 13th Labour of Hercules - completing the east side access to Brockley Station and opening up Brockley Common:

Delivery of the hand railing is expected next week. It is likely to take around 2 weeks to complete its installation. The seat also should be delivered next week and the seat bay can then be completed.

We still await delivery of the coping stones to the lower ramp from Cathedra stone, the supplier chosen by the Brockley Cross Action Group. I am afraid we currently do not have a definitive delivery date for this material.

Once the hand railing is fixed to the steps and piazza, this area can then be opened. Until the handrail has been installed it is not safe for the public to use the steps.

So the best estimate is that the station staircase and the road will be closed for another 3 weeks as a staircase is deemed unclimbable without a hand railing. Meanwhile, people scrabble up a muddy verge.

There is still no date for the delivery of coping stones, which were expected "4-6 weeks ago" back in mid-August, when we received the last update. The supplier nominated by the Brockley Cross Action Group is blamed for this delay, but the tarmacked pavement on Coulgate Street is evidence of what happens if you don't keep a tight control on the quality of the materials used.

There is no mention of the seeding which the Council were seeking a quote for in the last update.

Let's quickly remind ourselves what all of this expense and inconvenience was supposed to be for. If it ends up looking like this, then it will have been worthwhile. But that remains a big if.