Brockley with kids

Sometimes it's a hard world for small things.
- H.I., Raising Arizona

We have been meaning to post something about child-friendly locations in Brockley for a while. The discovery of a toy box in Jam Circus this weekend was the perfect cue.

Brockley appears to be attracting an increasing number of young families - low house prices, good primary schools, green spaces and a community atmosphere make Brockley a natural choice. The evidence of this is everywhere: the catchment areas for schools are shrinking as more kids move in, nursery developers are targeting the area and, much to the displeasure of a few misanthropes, many Brockley businesses have geared up-for children.

Here's a quick tour - we'd welcome your advice:

The Broca

Has a generous toy box and the new extension is perfect for small groups of parents and kids, away from the bustle of the main counter.

Jam Circus

As well as some toys and books for kids, there's a back room which is usually quiet during the day, meaning the kids can play without you feeling guilty.

The Brockley Mess

Well stocked with baby chairs and more toys.

The Wickham Arms

The landlords have made the rear garden more child-friendly with the addition of a small playground.


The garden is popular with parents and the menu makes more concessions to kids than most places in the area.

Toads Mouth Too

The labyrinthine layout isn't pushchair friendly, but the staff are. High chairs available.

Geddes and Tom Boyz

For kids' hair cuts, Tom Boyz is cheap and cheerful with a special kids seat with a steering wheel to distract them, but you can't book ahead. Geddes is a little more expensive but allows you to book and - in our experience - the cut has been better.