The Deptford Art Map

The Guardian has written about Deptford's burgeoning arts scene, which it says is finally gaining momentum after a couple of decades of false dawns.

The venues featured, including Gallop Space, Bearspace Gallery and Arch Gallery are all connected via the recently-launched Deptford Art Map, a smart initiative to encourage more visitors.  We might ask if they'd be prepared to extend it southwards, to include the likes of Tank and Tea Leaf Arts.

The article quotes Bearspace's Julia Alvarez as saying:

"It really does feel like the art radar is turning this way, and with the East London line extension opening, many more people will hopefully be encouraged down here. Our plan is to be ready for them when that happens."


Deptford dame said...

The peg for the article is actually the excellent Deptford X festival which started today and runs to 4 October, although you wouldn't know it from the piece!

Brockley Nick said...

Good point, I've been meaning to give the X a plug, I will tomorrow.

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