St Cyprian's Hall, Brockley Road

St Cyprian's Hall, the disused former Roman Catholic Church on the corner of Braxfield Road and Brockley Road is up for auction on September 22nd. The site also includes the Dunphys undertakers and two houses.

Readers Michael and Anna have both been in touch about the auction, which is in a key location in Brockley. If the site was put to good use, it could help to lift a struggling part of Brockley's high street. Or it could be done badly...

Anna went along for the recent open day with an interest in buying it, but was daunted by the size of the property and the scale of the work required to rennovate it. Here's her report:

The place is ENORMOUS. I'd say it's 6 Talbots' worth of space. It's in a terrible state and it's depressing in there at the moment.

There's no natural light in the main rooms and the ceilings have either been lowered or built low which hardly makes the most of the space. There is a labyrinth of rooms and corridors around and behind the main hall, including two kitchens and an enormous bar at the back of the hall; all have huge potential, but just horribly claustrophobic at the moment.

There's rat poison down everywhere and it's damp with buckets catching ceiling drips in many places. I think it's a project for someone who wants the space not the structure - you could put many flats in there.

Or its the perfect place for parties...fill it with people and music and lights and the decor doesn't really matter.

There were a group of viewers there hoping to make it back into a church. I'll definitely be at the auction to see what happens!