Ladywell Assembly allocates £50k to local causes

Last night, the Ladywell Assembly allocated its £50,000 Mayor’s Fund.

Here’s the list of supported projects:

· Ladywell Road Streetscape and Design (£10,000)
· Youth Activity and Coach Development (£7,400)
· Youth Village project (£10,000)
· Hilly Fields Community Bowling Green irrigation (£8,257)
· The Ahoy Centre (£3,090)
· Get the Message Mural Project (£4,965)
· AlertBox Scheme (£6,288)

Pretty good stuff, with a liberal dose of youth project support. We can’t see what AlertBox technology (shops connected via intercoms to tip eachother off about potential shop lifters) does that you couldn’t do for free with Twitter or an email / text messaging list – although we’re happy to be told why we’re wrong on that one.

Cllr Luxton has a full report here.