PaperBoy Interiors

As part of our occasional series about creative business in Brockley, we spoke to Victoria Cramsie of Paper Boy Interiors, a company producing wallpaper designs for boys, ahead of her company's launch later this month at 100% Design London, Earls Court:

I’ve been living in Brockley for just over a year and working from a small office off the kitchen ever since.

PaperBoy was conceived when my two young boys outgrew their nursery-style room. I was looking for boys’ wallpaper that felt hand-made, but wasn’t folksy or whimsical or twee. Something more pleasing than tacky, standard licensed wares. But affordable, too.

After a long search for the right thing, I gave up looking and decided to make it myself. I came up with designs that would appeal to boys from pre-school to teens. Something for after the fluffy bunny stage that would see them through until they painted their bedrooms black.

Sadly there are no wallpaper factories in London so my paper is made in Norfolk. But I have a great fabric screen printer based in Bermondsey who is sampling the designs at the moment.

I don’t know if Brockley per se is a good place to start a business or not yet, I don't feel part of a networked business community here and what I'm making is not really that dependent upon location. But I find Brockley a very peaceful and quiet place to live and work. It doesn’t feel like I’m living in a city.

PaperBoy Interiors Ltd.
T: +44(0) 207 193 9135