Brockley: Live fast, die young

The Guardian's data blog has published two interesting collections of local data recently, the first capturing mortality rates, the second, incidence of credit card fraud.

The overall picture is of early death triggered by ill-gotten indulgence.

SE4 is relatively honest by the standards of South East London, which is not saying much, as it was singled out as a hotspot for credit card fraud.

3.74% of Brockley's card transactions were classed as "bad", compared with say Abbey Wood (14.31%) or Thamesmead (17.14%). Lewisham (3.98%) and New Cross (4.42%) fare a little worse.

People in the borough of Lewisham die earlier than the average for both men and women in the capital (76 years for men vs an average of 77.9 years and 80.8 years for women vs an average of 82.4).

If you're a man nearing 76, it's time to make a Logan's Run to Bromley, which will offer you another three and a half years to potter around the Glades.

With thanks to Andrew.


Anonymous said...

this is quite possibly the best thread... like ever on bc!

graeme said...

"...another three and a half years to potter around the Glades."

Hades made flesh

Headhunter said...

One of my neighbours was the victim of credit card fraud/identity theft recently. I shred absolutely everything with my name an address on before I chuck it out

Anonymous said...

But do you recycle it?

trixie said...

Brockley has an average life expectancy of 75.6 - whereas Crofton Park is right up at 78.3 - but stay away from New Cross grandad! they pop their clogs at 73.5

Anonymous said...

I reckon this could be down to hip fractures in the elderly - more likely to get thrown to floor on 484 than P4!

patrick1971 said...

Three extra years to potter around The Glades. Bring it on!

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