Brockley View - Death and Restoration?

“A sense of humor always withers in the presence of the messianic delusion, like justice and truth in front of patriotic passion.”

- HL Mencken

Is Brockley Road about to be the subject of an application to redevelop St Cyprian's church hall as a seven storey mixed-use development?

Following the auction of the church and some adjacent buildings, Brockley Central received this message from someone purporting to represent the buyers. This was the message:

Hopefully the council will allow the demolition of the hall so that the plans for the seven-floor residential apartment block with shops below can commence as soon as possible. Brockley View is an exciting project that will make that portion of the road vibrant and pleasant for all.

Manti Properties

The whole thing could be an elaborate ruse of course, but the site went for much more than the asking price, which suggests a commercially-minded developer snapped it up. We'd be fairly relieved if it's not being resurrected as a church (evangelical outfits are crawling all over south east London) but, though neglected, the building itself has potential and of course there will be many who shudder at the very notion of a 7 storey building. On the other hand, a well-conceived development could rescue a struggling parade.

Google's got nothing on "Manti Properties", unless they happen to be based in Utah and "Brockley View" throws up no useful leads either. If you're from the developers, please get in touch, the address is here.