New Poll: East London Line v London Bridge trains

In light of all the discussion of planned changes to the London Bridge services, we thought we'd create a newpoll, to ask regular commuters from Brockley Station whether they expect to use the ELL or the London Bridge service for their regular morning commute.  You can vote on the right and it will be really interesting to see what you say.

Commuter theory suggests that most of you will stick to using the London Bridge service as many of you will have moved to the area or chosen a job because home and work are relatively well connected by the existing route. But equally, the projections made by transport planners assume that - from day one - a good proportion of you will use the ELL for your daily commute.  Over time, commuter patterns should shift further, so that more and more people living in the area commute via the ELL - a change encouaraged by the continued growth of Canary Wharf and the surrouding area.

Please note, for the purposes of this poll, we are asking about commuter journeys only, not leisure travel.