New Poll: East London Line v London Bridge trains

In light of all the discussion of planned changes to the London Bridge services, we thought we'd create a newpoll, to ask regular commuters from Brockley Station whether they expect to use the ELL or the London Bridge service for their regular morning commute.  You can vote on the right and it will be really interesting to see what you say.

Commuter theory suggests that most of you will stick to using the London Bridge service as many of you will have moved to the area or chosen a job because home and work are relatively well connected by the existing route. But equally, the projections made by transport planners assume that - from day one - a good proportion of you will use the ELL for your daily commute.  Over time, commuter patterns should shift further, so that more and more people living in the area commute via the ELL - a change encouaraged by the continued growth of Canary Wharf and the surrouding area.

Please note, for the purposes of this poll, we are asking about commuter journeys only, not leisure travel.


Anonymous said...

could there be an option for both? I think it will take approx the same time to my office either way so will prob take the first train that arrives!

Brockley Nick said...

Good point - with apologies to whoever voted already, I have started afresh!

Headhunter said...

Boooo.... I'm not allowed to vote.

Pert Bird said...

SAJ to CST every time.

Paddyom said...

The ELL wont affect where we all work which, as a rule, is the west end and the city. Any frequency of trains to Shoreditch isnt going to change the reality of this fact.

angelofthewest said...

honestly if i were commuting to most of the ELL-served areas, I probably wouldn't have been living in Brockley all these years.I mean people, especially renters, choose where to live partly if not largely based on a combination of affordability and commute logistics. if my job were near highbury i'd probably have moved to north london by now. So if no brocklyites round there yet, its kind of an unfair question. i mean, the commuting population has self-selected brockley because of existing transport, not future or even potential (yeah right, crossrail) transport.

Tamsin said...

Presumably the whole point of the exercise is that one can take whichever comes first and the Oyster goes everywhere? Buying one off tickets in New Cross Gate before the old ELL was closed you used to have to opt at the point of sale which you were going to use.

Glass Half Full said...

I've worked all over central London. I get into London bridge and change onto the tube, I may have to 3wait 10-15 mins for a train. next year I'll wait 3-5 mins, get on the first train and change. Not great in the evening but not REALLY bad. Also I'm looking forward to not playing the late night lottery of guesing the platform at London bridge or waiting 20mins for a train to Brockley. Nip down to Canada water and wait 5 mins - sorted.

The Oracle said...

Apologies if you have already reported on this.

New East London Line reaches milestone as Department for Transport hands over ten stations to TfL 17 September 2009 00:01 Department for Transport (London)Delivery of the new East London Line reaches a milestone this weekend when the Department for Transport (DfT) hands responsibility for the management of ten south London stations to Transport for London.
From Sunday 20 September, New Cross Gate, Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, Sydenham, Crystal Palace, Penge West, Anerley, Norwood Junction, and West Croydon will be transferred from the DfT's current rail franchisee, Southern, to London Overground.

Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis said:

"The new East London Line will be of great benefit to rail passengers in London with more frequent trains to more destinations. That is why I have agreed to the transfer of these stations.

"I am pleased that the record funding levels provided by DfT to TfL, of over £40bn in the next 10 years, are allowing the East London Line to be implemented."

Train times at the stations will remain broadly as they are today until spring 2010 when a new timetable is introduced to allow East London Line and Southern services to operate side by side. Southern services will continue to call at the ten stations and normal ticketing arrangements will continue to apply.

The new East London Line is scheduled for completion in 2010 and will form part of the London Overground.

Notes to editors

1. The stations will remain the property of Network Rail who will lease them to LOROL, which runs London Overground and is, in turn, managed by TfL.

2. The East London line extension will form part of London Overground when it opens next year and will run from Dalston Junction to New Cross, Crystal Palace and West Croydon.

3. The DfT announced in June that the current franchisee, Southern, had successfully retendered for the SouthCentral franchise which operates trains in London and parts of the South East. The new franchise commences operation at 0200 on Sunday 20th September.

4. As part of the new franchise, Southern will be enhancing other stations within the GLA area as part of its plans to improve the franchise including

i. stations being staffed from first to last train (Spring 2010)

ii. more trains at evening and weekends (including late night services on Friday and Saturday night (Dec 2010)

iii. a station deep clean and fault rectification programme (to be completed by Sept 2010)

Anonymous said...

I disagree that we all work in the city/west end - plenty of us seem to take the train to LB and then tube out to Canary Wharf. Also if you're in the West End then the ELL to Canada Water is likely as good an option as train to LB.

Headhunter said...

Surely the best way to get to Canary Wharf from Brockley, at least northern Brockley, is to catch the DLR from Deptford Bridge or get a bus down to Lewisham and catch it there?

The Cat Man said...

I actually work at London Bridge, so the reduction in London Bridge services is really going to piss me off!

Headhunter said...

Given up with the cycling to work then have we, Cat Man? TBH if you work in London Bridge and you don't want to cycle, you could just get the bus. There are LOADS of buses along OKR to London Bridge and a bus pass is much cheaper than a zone 2 train pass and it doesn't take that long.

mintness said...

I work from home, but my better half works in Whitechapel so the (re-)opening of the ELL will be hugely beneficial to him. That said, the DLR from Deptford Bridge to Shadwell has served pretty well in the meantime. Public transport-wise, I suppose us just-clinging-on-to-the-north-end-of-the-Conservation-Area types are pretty well served in the grand old scheme of things.

Hugh said...

I've been busy. Is Brockley station being 'delivered' before the Olympics?

Fairtrade said...

Yes but the artisan pulp needed to print the tickets on won't be ready in time.

Hugh said...

Is anyone local going to be doing Uzbek yak fur Oyster holders with we luv brox handstitched on an organic woollen inner?

Anonymous said...

Well, that wouldn't be very vegetarian would it? Know your Brockley stereotypes!

Headhunter said...

Got another response from someone I wrote to about this, however they seem to have completely misunderstood the issue, which is reassuring...

Southern train services from Brockley to Central London

Thank you for contacting us on the above matter. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to find that the train services you use are to be reduced.

I have spoken to both our Research and Development Director and Transport Policy Assistant about this matter. They have advised that train services from Brockley to Charing Cross will be reduced from six to four an hour, but this will only be during the weekends and evenings.

As a commuter, you will be aware that London Bridge is one of the most heavily used stations in the South East. Three operators, Southern, Southeastern and First Capital Connect all have trains which use the platforms that allow an onward journey and as such there is a compromise between the timetables for all three companies.

Southeastern have been developing a new timetable which is due to be introduced in December 2009. Unfortunately, Southern found that the new timetable made it impossible to provide a direct service from Brockley or New Cross Gate to Charing Cross. A compromise was reached and Southern were able to provide four trains an hour. New Cross station should not be affected as it is managed by Southeastern.

I appreciate that this is not the answer you were hoping to receive. We can request and suggest changes to train services, but as mentioned before timetables are a compromise, especially where different train companies are concerned. For this reason we cannot insist our suggestions are implemented, but will strongly recommend that they are considered.

In order to help us to monitor how well we are meeting the needs of transport users in the London area, I should be grateful if you would please complete our questionnaire which we will be sending to you separately. In the meantime, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Margaret Croucher
Casework Officer

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