Deptford X 2009: Flux

The Deptford X arts festival is back for its eleventh year, revelling in the area's new-found status as "London's wild west", courtesy of the New York Times.

The programme started this weekend and runs until October 4th. Highlights this year include 'Deptford as a Vector' (street art scattered throughout Deptford and converging at its centre) and 'Corridor' at Lewisham Arts House (four interconnected installations lurking in the depths of the building).

You can visit the official site here or join the Facebook group here, but Deptford Dame does the best job of capturing the eclectic nature of the X, with her preview here.


Tamsin said...

Is it just me or does none of this particularly grab one as worth the effort? (Although admittedly the pdf programme was a bit hard to read.)

Anonymous said...

Tamsin, I have to say that reading your comment made me a little glum this morning. Why don't you think it's worth the effort?

Tamsin said...

I dunno - maybe I was feeling glum myself, but it all seemed very conceptual - "art" in inverted commas without any obvious redeeming craft skills - and rather samey. I was thinking that the equivalent money sponsoring it could be better spent supporting the Hackney Empire (whose imminent re-demise was mentioned in a posting at about the same time).

And I did ask if it was just me - and it obviously isn't you...

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