The Grand Vintage Ball, The Rivoli Ballroom, September 26th

Courtesy of Londonist comes news of an event at the Rivoli this Saturday, which promises "dark vintage glamour" and "delectable dressing up" will need to clear their diary for this Saturday night.

Compered by Bourgeios and Maurice, the organisers say:

The night is the perfect opportunity for the Retrorati and the Sartorial Intelligentsia to don their best vintage and retro outfits and enter the ultimate Vintage Attire Pageant, where they can be crowned Best In Show.

The ball runs from 8pm to 1am, tickets cost £15.

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Transpontine said...

Courtesy of Londonist? I think you'll find it was on Transpontine 10 days earlier! Seriously though do any other BCers recall the golden age of Club Montepulciano's night of a thousand stars at the Rivoli? I've just posted some recollections of it and scanned in my flyer collection. Interested to hear any other memories of the club.

tamsin said...

And the Gate Post from which it was picked up to get a mention the Hilly Telegraph and on thehill website. But never mind - the main thing is to get word out there and make sure it is a success so the amazing venue thrives and survives.

mg said...

More fun dressing up to be had at the Rivoli this Saturday:

Tamsin said...

Love the poster!

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