Brockley MAX 2010 programme revealed

The programme for this year's Brockley MAX is now available online and will be making an appearance at local venues very soon.

Taking place between May 28th and June 5th, the line-up is as big as it's ever been and the festival culminates in "The Hacienda on the Hill", with a dedicated stage and marquee in Hilly Fields, running from midday to midnight.

Despite what the programme says, Brockley Central is not quite taking over Ladywell (we did that long ago) but we are taking over the Ladywell Tavern for another night of live music, on June 3rd. Brockley Jon is finalising the line-up now - more details very soon.

Also coming soon: an interview with the festival's organiser, Moira Tait, about the 2010 highlights.


mg said...

BC's wish was my command, so I'm helping Katje at Jam Circus organise a games night for Brockley Max. We don't however have Settlers of Cataan, so if any enthusiasts have a set they'd like to bring along for the evening let me know!

Anonymous said...

What other games are you having?

I'd be a bit worried about loaning Settlers in case pieces went missing....

Moira said...

Programmes and posters being delivered today, and will be at Magi's, Broca Food market, Geddes and Jam Circus tomorrow afternoon for collection. We've only 3 people signed up to deliver to shops, houses and at stations, so please help.
You can see what people have signed up to at-

Shops and roads:

Ladywell, Crofton Park & Brockley Station.

mintness said...

Ah, terrific. Enjoyed last year's BC night so very much looking forward to this one (and the rest of the programme, obviously).

Tamsin said...

I've said in the Hilly Telegraph which is going out over the next couple of days that programmes will be in the Telegraph Hill Centre - can someone get some there, or tell me where I can collect some from.

Tamsin said...

Sorry - now gone to the link and seen how it works.

I will pick up a couple of posters and some programmes for the Children's Centre in Wallbutton Road and for the Telegraph Hill Centre.

Moira said...

Thanks Tamsin and others who've signed up. Programmes are now in Magi's, Broca Food Market, Geddes and Jam Circus with some posters. I forgot the blu-tack so if you've any lying around, please leave with the programmes.
We still need more people to deliver though!

Anonymous said...

Why not put a few Progammes in Lewisham Shopping Centre.

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