The East London Line - we count the ways

We had our first go on the East London Line yesterday. God it was good.

The trains are so wide! The lack of doors between carriages! It's like riding in the belly of a Hercules, with windows.

The carriages feel tubey, but better. It wasn't hot or crowded enough to judge the aircon, but we could hear it whirring, reassuringly. Even when the trains are "underground" there is barely a moment when we couldn't get a signal on our phone, which is great for anyone who likes to use the internet on their way to work.

Like the DLR or the rail service, you're up high for much of the journey, which we love compared to the claustrophobic underground. But unlike the train, there were no irritating pauses outside stations as the train sits idly for some reason or another.

And the new stations! Hoxton and Shoreditch are so easy to access from the street. If you have a buggy, as we did, the lift access is a joy. The way the train doors draw exactly level with the platform is a miracle.

When you draw up to Canada Water, it's satisfying to see the entrance to the Jubilee Line platform right in front of you, rather than a long walk from platform 15 at London Bridge.

The signage wasn't working at any of the stations, but nothing beats the feeling of turning up at a platform happy in the knowledge that a train will be along in it in a minute (rather than racing around to the big screens at London Bridge to see what platform the next train is leaving from, praying that it's not just about depart as you scan the information feverishly). And lo, a train did appear within a couple of minutes of us arriving at the platform.

Truly, the East London Line is the king of tubes.