Enterprise Brockley - May 11th

Brockley Central has teamed up with Enterprise UK to help organise a free networking night for local businesses and entrepreneurs on May 11th.

Enterprise UK is backed by the Department for Business Innnovation and Skills, the CBI, the British Chamber of Commerce, the Institute of Directors and the Federation of Small Businesses and it exists to support entrepreneurs.

The challenge of how Brockley can nurture clusters of high-quality businesses is one that we believe is vital to the future success of the area, creating jobs, opportunity and local spending power. There are some great examples of local businesses supporting eachother and we hope that this evening will help to encourage new partnerships and ideas.

We'll have some great companies involved, sharing their experiences and we also hope to see our new elected representatives and a range of organisations with an interest in the area.

If you're a local entrepreneur and would like to come along, please email us. More details coming soon.


Anonymous said...

This is great well done Nick. However is there a PAID employee of the council given the title of "Town Centre Manager" who could have done this?

Anonymous said...

This sounds great nick, but i do have to agree with the previois anon - theres a whole department within the council that should be doing this.

Brockley Nick said...

Big society, innit! I'm hoping the Town Centre Manager will want to come along...

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