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After Brockley and Honor Oak, the third part of the Brockley Central triptych for Londonist is Brockley Jon's contribution on Forest Hill.

Jon's already written about Forest Hill for this site, but was a little hurt that it didn't generate more excited discussion about the merits of the area, so please feel free to indulge him here.


Blue sky said...

The Horniman is a great example of a very well run museum that has identified its core market and caters very effectively for it. Unfortunately the Jerk Cookout has now outgrown the Horniman gardens as it was so massively popular - it's going to be in a park this year (Brockwell I think).

Blue sky said...

I feel doubly bad for Brockley Jon now that his second feature on Forest Hill has failed to provoke the
excited discussion he was so hoping for. So I am
moving this thread to the top in the hope that someone else will show some interest in Forest Hill.

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