Ten years of the Brockley Cross Action Group

Annual Open Meeting
Monday 24th May 7.30 - 9.00pm
St.Peter's Church
Wickham Rd

If you want to know how great Brockley is, the annual open meeting of the Brockley Cross Action group is a good place to start. Nice people with good ideas working hard on our behalf. The BXAG is now ten years old, as Chairman Des Kirkland explains:

A small group of local residents formed the Brockley Cross Action Group in 2000 to combat the steady deterioration of the area. At the first meeting over 90 people turned up and agreed that Brockley needed improving. They had a list of issues they felt the council had not dealt with. Many of those present had similar concerns, pedestrian safety, traffic, the double roundabout at Brockley Cross, litter and graffiti, abandoned vehicles, the high level rail link to Victoria; to name a just a few.

Though the double roundabout remains (apparently it would cost over a quarter of a million pounds to change the junction) the group has made a number of significant improvements to the area during its first 10 years, both physical and cultural. We now have the longest poem in Europe, in four feet high stainless steel lettering -in Shardeloes Rd. Trees planted in a number of major roads in the area. Much improved streetlighting in previous crime hot-spots near the station. The Brockley Common, which used to be an eyesore piece of land in Coulgate Street is being transformed into an attractive space that everyone can enjoy. The annual Christmas market and the Summer Fun Run, the list goes on and on.

Our guest speaker at the meeting is Camilla Goddard. Camilla is a local Bee Keeper and maintains the hives at the side of St.Peter's Church (you can buy the honey they make in The Shop on the Hill in Harefield Rd), she will be talking about the benefits of bees in the urban environment and giving a demonstration of what is involved in maintaining a beehive - using a spare hive, minus bees, just in case you are concerned.

The work of the Brockley Cross Action Group is still ongoing, though much has been done there is still more to achieve. Why not come along and let us know what you think our priorities should be for the next few years.

At the end of the meeting, I will be standing down as Chairman - a role I have had since 2007. As a founder member, I will remain a part of the group and continue to act as a spokesperson for the group in his role as a member of the Brockley Assembly Steering Group. Rupert King who is currently the vice-chair will step up to the plate.

As a small community group the Brockley Cross Action Group has always acted to translate the aspirations of local residents and traders into reality. We can only continue to achieve these ambitions with the support of local people and your active involvement. So come along, get involved and be a part of making Brockley even better.