Brockley's heritage trail

There are many criticisms that can be levelled at Brockley Central, but one of the most warranted is that we are neophile. Partly, that's the institutional bias you'd expect of a "news" service, partly its our belief in progress. So it's good when we're reminded that some of the best things in Brockley have been here a long time.

One example came last week, when we enjoyed the fantastic hospitality of Mr Lawrence (established 1992) and asked ourselves why we didn't go more often. Another was a note we got from Mark, the Brockley scrabble league's chief architect, to say that he'd found an opponent via Brockley Central and had enjoyed some games at Zeki's cafe. If we'd been looking at him, we would have done so blankly. He explained:

Zeki's is on Brockley Road next to the outdoor grocers, opposite the 122 bus stop end of Adelaide Ave. Very nice Turkish couple (now getting on) have been there almost every day - serving Brockley - for 23 years.

I've been living locally since 1994 and my impression is that there may only be 4 businessmen on that stretch who have been going continuously since then (Zeki's Cafe, Sid's the plumbers, the Funeral Directors and the once-Kenyan Asian brothers at Turners the hardware store).

The managers of Amins the Pharmacy have changed n times and the cafe twice, as have, I presume, the corner bookies. Maybe the furnishing store are long-timers too. All the others are new or have changed names (like the supermarket) I think. Oak Estates would have counted if they hadn't have locked up over the recession.

Is this an opportunity for article?!!

Yes. It is. So what long-standing servants of the community would you like to recognise?