Brockley Common - the final push

The Brockley Common project will eventually create a beauitful green space next to Brockley Station on a site which was previously an inaccessible bit of public land, used for little more than flytipping.

With the help of local people, the Brockley Common project, by Brockley Station, is at last making good progress. Rupert King, of the Brockley Cross Action Group, who is leading the project, tells us that Brockley Central readers have got stuck in, committing their time and energy to the project, which is great to hear. Thanks to any readers who've lent their services.

Rupert explains:

Our project partner Lewisham Envirowork have nearly completed their preparatory works on Brockley Common. They have weeded the two main beds on either side of the ramp, added compost & more topsoil to improve the health of the existing soil and rotovated the beds to break up compaction and get some air into the soil. We hope the preparation will make all the difference to the success and healthy growth of the new planting.

Lewisham Envirowork have also erected temporary protective fencing around the two main beds to protect them from trampling and damage while the plants get established. The fencing will eventually be taken down, most likely in Spring 2011 – it is NOT permanent fencing!

We have an exciting planting design to work to, which will link the two beds on either side of the ramp and create a colourful scheme in shades of purple, crimson, red, pink and white flowers that will change in colour as you walk up the ramp between the beds. The design is a collaboration between members of BXAG and two local artists. We hope to make quite an impact, something that will really lift the area outside the station and complete the Brockley Common project, which has looked neglected in recent months.

1500 Plants have been ordered from Palmstead Nurseries in Kent, who have supplied high quality plants for our previous projects. The plants will be delivered in 2 batches, one before each planting weekend. But if you are a gardener with some plants to spare you can contribute to the area to the north of the main planting beds, where we would like to create a riot of colour with e.g. an annual wildflower meadow! If you would like to donate some plants or seeds please check out the BXAG website for further details!

BXAG has now organised two community planting weekends in May to carry out the planting to the two main banks on the Common, between Brockley Station and Coulgate Street. This is a very big project and we need lots of volunteers from the local community to help us complete the works. Please come and join us! Tell your friends and spread the word!

SATURDAY 15TH MAY, 12.00pm – 5.00pm.
SUNDAY 16TH MAY, 1.00pm – 6.00pm.
SATURDAY 22ND MAY, 12.00pm – 5.00pm.
SUNDAY 23RD MAY, 1.00pm – 6.00pm.

Meet outside the Broca Café on Coulgate Street. Please bring stout footwear and warm clothing if needed. BXAG will provide all tools, gloves and refreshments. We will be planting one bed per weekend, starting with the lower bed first.