The new Ladywell Village?

The Ladywell Village Improvement Group has released a set of proposals to create a more pedestrian-friendly centre.

The proposals would change the junction of Ladywell and Algernon Roads, with two options involving widening the pavement and introducing short stay parking.

They'd like your views as part of a public consultation. Visit the LVIG website or go to Ladywell Fields on Sunday 16 May from 10am-1.30pm, outside the café in the northern field. The designers will be on hand to discuss your ideas and thoughts on the initial proposals.

Introducing short stay parking and improving the pavements are the two most important things that the Council could do to encourage the development of our local high streets, in BC's view. But what do you think of the plans themselves? Option A, Option B or none of the above?


Anonymous said...

I have some ideas for Ladywell but I'm not giving them to New Labour councillors.

name said...

They are Ladywell councillors, who are members of Labour. IF you have good ideas to benefit the area, you are helping Ladywell, the residents, your neighbours (assuming you are local) rather than the councillors.

Anonymous said...

This is an LVIG-run project, supported by funding from the ward assembly, not a council or cllr-led initiative.

Marc said...

This is great for Ladywell ! I like both options, although likely to lean towards plan B but unsure what the impact would be in peak hour with the traffic.

Hopefully some further guard rails can come down too.

Tamsin said...

Is it just me or do the cars on the modelling look out of scale - a little too small?

What would the timings on the lights be? It would be bad news if there was actually less time for vehicle flow. It needs to be remembered that, like the roads that intersect at Brockley Cross, this is a B road with the commensurate weight of traffic and not a great deal can be done about that without knock-on effects elsewhere.

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