ELL points spotlight at Brockley

Our new tube line has attracted the London bloggerati, to sample our good stuff.

Londonist's pub crawl took in Jam Circus and the Orchard resulting in glowing reviews, as well as Try Tapas in Honor Oak and the Amersham Arms in New Cross:

Settling into a comfortable window seat, we could have happily used the place purely as a bar. However, Try Tapas is the name, and who are we to argue? Meatballs and fancy spuds were eminently munchable.

'Brockley is cooler than Shoreditch,' opines the sign beside the bar. Jam Circus is certainly doing its bit to live that assertion... It's a place you'd be proud to call your local, especially with late opening times every night of the week.

With its proximity to the Overground, there's a real possibility that the Orchard could attract regulars from beyond its local core.

To be perfectly honest, we were completely bladdered by this point, so have no clear memory of the Amersham's delights. We vaguely recall a sense of rock and roll swagger about the place, with a thrashy live band playing away in the back room.

Meanwhile, Diamond Geezer has written poetically of his adventures on Hilly Fields:

A grassy bulge, reaching the giddy height of 50 metres above sea level, to which the local population are irresistibly drawn on a sunny day... When Brockley comes out to sizzle, somehow a hump with a view will always have the edge.