Brockley MAX 2010 - Starts tonight, closing night line-up revealed

With the 2010 Brockley MAX kicking off tonight, the details of the closing night on Hilly Fields have been revealed - with an amazing line up:

- Also starting tonight as part of the festival is the exhibition Books in Limbo at Tank Gallery, Ladywell (May 28th-3oth):

Tank team will construct a huge installation from books salvaged from the book skip to be temporarily resurrected in a new form before being sent for being sent for recycling. People are encouraged to come in and watch and even contribute books to the installation while under construction.

The exhibition will include interactions with many guest artists, performers, poets, actors and actresses. Recordings will be made throughout the exhibition giving further material to experiment with. DJ's, sound artists and producers will uses the raw recordings to create further interactions within the space. The full collection of sounds will make Tanks first ever CD.

- Well done to the News Shopper, The South London Press and The Mercury for previewing the event and to Londonist, who did likewise, cementing their reputation as the best London-wide website for South East London life.