For those about to Brock we salute you

So deeply-ingrained is our reputation for being a cosy bunch of well-meaning but dull bunch of greenies, that even Nightstalkers can't dent it.

Brockley Jon has spotted this random reference to Brockley in a Times review of Anglo-Aussie rock band Pendulum's new album:

"Pendulum’s live shows may be riotous bacchanals but, abstracted from that environment, Crush and the new single Watercolour are more the sort of thing that you’d expect to accompany a Blue Peter location piece about a community garden makeover project in Brockley."


Anonymous said...

random Jon

I liked to suggest a topic:

Anyone in Brockley organising a Big Lunch?

This is a scheme for local communities to get to know eachother through organising street parties.

What about a Brockley Central Big Lunch?

Anonymous said...

I mean I'd like to suggest a topic.

Ed said...


Brockley Central Label Cloud