Sounds Around ahead of its time in late-adopting Brockley

Sometimes affectionately described by BC readers as being stuck in a time warp, Brockley Road shop Sounds Around has nonetheless proven itself too advanced for Luddite Brockley residents.

We've been hovering like a vulture over our stuttering DVD player for months, waiting for it to pack up so we'd have an excuse to buy a blu-ray player and finally get to watch something HD on our HD telly. Eventually the day came, only for us to be told by Sounds Around that they gave up buying Blu-Ray discs for rental because no one was hiring them.

OK, so HD is one of the most overrated technological advancements since the minidisc, but come on people, sort it out. Embrace the future! Having now seen Avatar in HD, it's intolerable that we have to watch Sherlock Holmes in normal D, because of your collective inertia.