Brockley MAX 2010: May 28th - June 5th - more details announced

The 2010 Brockley MAX festival starts on Friday night with an open air concert outside the Barge. In addition to the range of events listed in the programme, even more stuff's been added.

Of course, Brockley Central has announced the details of our own music night at the Ladywell Tavern, but these are the other things you can look forward to:

- June 4 Music for Clarinets: Bach and Forth 1930-2030 at St Hilda’s Church

- June 4 Torch Song Blow Out at Jam Circus now includes Shiikane and starts at 2000

- June 5 Brockley Max Bowls from 1400 the Bowling Club on Hilly Fields

- June 5 Brockley Bride 1300-1600 A participatory performance event at the Tea Leaf Gallery.

- 28 May – 5 June exhibition of Botanical Drawings & Watercolours at Oscars cafe in Ladywell.

- The tree sculptures on Hilly Fields by artists Jolyon Dupuy and Marco Maggioni are now on Hilly Fields.

The details of the opening night have also been announced:

Brockley Max 2010 kicks off with the famous music evening by the murals with a host of fabulous performers, musicians, dancers and singers, with the amazing, mellifluous tones of host MC 'Dre, and produced by the fantastic Richard Swan. Line up so far includes: Anita Maj, Ben Travers, Jake Twyford, Matt Dolphin, Monkey Rush and Brand Nu, bands from the Felix School of Rock, Mazaika and the Montage Theatre street Jazz dance group.

There have also been three cancellations:

29 May Remfrey
31 May Sonnets For Shakespeare
2 June Poetry Expression and Remfrey Dedman

And one alteration:

5 June Chris Mayfield Rythmn Rats is now playing on 29 May at The Wickham Arms