Living The Dream: Brockley to Dalston in 30 Minutes Or Less

Yes, it's true - BrockleyCentral was among the first lucky people to make the journey to Dalston Junction this morning on the newly-opened London Overground service.

It was a beautifully smooth ride, marred not at all by the fact that the train arrived 8 minutes late. And we greatly enjoyed the tea and cake afterwards at the Broca (which opened early to celebrate).
Here are some pictures from our adventure ...

Celebratory balloon entrance at Brockley Station

We have a service noticeboard, just like everyone else!

The sun shines on the first Overground train to arrive at Brockley

The first northbound train from Brockley Station

"The new Dalston Junction to West Croydon line is now open"

Approx 25 mins after leaving Brockley, we were in Dalston.

The lovely Overground roundel

The retro seat fabric