Free journalism course at Goldsmiths

The team behind Eastlondonlines is offering a group of 16 young people the chance to participate in a journalism summer school at Goldsmiths which will involve teaching from a professional journalist who is also a journalism tutor at the college.

They say:

You’ll learn, not only how to produce quality news stories, but the high paced pressures of getting work done to a deadline, the importance of how to be entrepreneurial, and also a taste of university life. You will see how your story is received by the public sphere as it’s published on the East London Lines website and the course can go on your CV. Additionally you’ll have the chance to work on the website writing news stories for them after the summer school course during July and August and you will be able to participate in further training courses at the Journalism Training Charity – Headliners (

The criteria you need to have to take part are:

  • You must be 16-19 years old
  • You need to live and/or study in boroughs of Croydon, Hackney, Lewisham or Tower Hamlets
  • You need to have a passion for writing and an interest in journalism
  • You need to submit your application by Monday 7th June
  • You need to have access to the internet & a computer outside of the sessions at Goldsmiths (at home or in a library)
And you must be able to commit to the full 5 days of study at Goldsmiths. Priority will be given to applications that state they can commit to further involvement over the summer holidays (please state your availability on your application).

The course takes place from 10am-4pm on 22nd, 25th, 29th June, 2nd & 6th July

For further information, please contact:

Ben Gwalchmai on 020 7078 5002 or


Hugh said...

Presumably they mean 'high quality' news stories.

Anonymous said...

and perhaps 'high-paced'?

or even fast-paced? not that we'd want to be pedantic about it.

Tamsin said...

I don't think so - "good" or "high" is implicit in the use of the term "quality" - particularly in the context of journalism.

(And, hi, Ben. Glad you are still around in the area. I have not forgotten your poetry contribution a couple of years ago. And, BTW, is your e-mail given properly on the original post or is there an extra "l" in there?)

Steve17 said...

@Tamsin - having given the man's name a quick google, it seems he's reachable at but does work for Goldsmiths so that may be his email address. I think you can check on their website in the Staff Directory bit but his Wordpress looks pretty good for contact. Best.

Tamsin said...

Thanks - but the e-mail in the article goes "gwalchmaiL @ etc." which seemed to be an error so I was flagging it up in case people were trying to get in touch.

(And just to show off something that I actually knew before I met the guy - his name is welsh for hawk.)

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