Wriggle and Rhyme at The Orchard

Ed from The Orchard has been in touch about an event they're hosting as part of the Brockley MAX, which starts tomorrow. It's great to see another venue taking part in this year's event. Here are the details:

Wriggle and Rhyme at The Orchard. Run by Jane Conway, a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with more than 25 years experience of working in the NHS. If you have a toddler aged between 12mths and 2yrs, join her for 40 mins of fun, aimed at enhancing early language skills with your child and get top tips for developing early communication at home.

When: Friday 28 May 2pm - 2.40pm
Where: The Orchard, 5 Harefield Road Brockley SE4 1LW tel: 020 8692 4756
Cost: £5 per child including coffee/tea for the parent

How to book: Pop into the Orchard to confirm you place or call and pay on the day.


Anonymous said...

Wow great to see another new venue,but at £5 isn't it somebody using the festival as making money.

Pete said...

Well normally a venue hosting a gig will make extra revenue from bar sales. This is unlikely at a Wriggle and Rhyme session so I think a small charge of £5 is ok.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you went to a festival and weren't rinsed for cash?

Anonymous said...

A bar making money from people who use their premisis? This has to stop, next you'll be telling me that they charge for drinks. Capitalist pigs.

Tamsin said...

Surely most of the Festivals around are a mixture of free and paid for events and presumably the fiver goes to Festival funds to build up a base for next year. At least that's the way it works with the Telegraph Hill one.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, is the Orchard being taken over by the yummy mummy crowd now? Can't they stick to the Mess?

Anonymous said...

Can I charge £5 to show people how to dodge bullets.

crummy mummy said...

Anon @ 10.20: would you rather women and young children stayed behind closed doors 24/7? Or that they seek supportive friendship at a time of massive life change(bolstering local business at the same time), in places where you might wish they weren't?

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