Our future's orange: Honor Oak

In addition to our contribution to Londonist about why Brockley is so bloody great, BC's Honor Oak correspondent Zoe has written a great article about Honor Oak's many charms.

Some Crofton Park readers will use Honor Oak in preference to Brockley anyway, but click here to see which attractions are worth a special trip.


name said...

I think Honor Oak's high st is supercute and useful too for home furnishings.

Sparrow said...

I think HOP is better than Brockley but can't move now.

Brockley Nick said...

Well Sparrow, that's kind of the point of the series - now HOP is within much easier reach - far more frequent trains mean you can hop on, hop off.

One of the great things about the ELL is it means that destinations further south are now much more accessible.

Sparrow said...

Quite so, I'm HOPping to do so, ha, ha.

Osh said...

Sparrow why's that?

I've always thought that Honor Oak was nice in a suburban kind of way, whereas brockley's nice in an urban way. Depends what you want I suppose, but Honor Oak feels like the bit in between Brockley and Forest Hill insted of a place in its own right

Ed said...

One of the reasons I bought in Brockley was because two of my friends settled with their families in HOP and I loved it when visiting.

Sparrow said...

I think the shops are better and I like the houses. I like its cutesy station and the allotments (though I don't want one). I don't think it's an inbetweeny place at all.

Brockley has its highlights, it also has its lowlights.

TJ said...

Certainly the HOP High street is something to covet and emulate; but we have a nice station area (even nice now that BX action group have started the planting - great work) and lovely house around a great park - we also have great access to Greenich, Lewisham, and Deptford.

I agree with the earlier post that HOP feels more suburban and Brockley still part of inner London. However both are nice and it is good to see it all linking up.

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