"I am just going to Catford. I may be some time."

If you enjoy books with happy endings than you are better off reading some other book. 
– Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events

Friend of BC Fabhat has shared a bit of family history that connects this area with Scott's mission to the Antarctic, the centenary of which is being celebrated at St Paul's Cathedral tomorrow.

Fabhat's Great Grandfather was Captain William Colbeck who was among the rescue crew of the ship 'The Morning' that freed Scott's ship, the Discovery, from the ice during his first polar mission. Unable to take the hint, Scott kept going until he died and Captain Colbeck moved from Hull to 51 Inchmerry Road in Catford. There are no winners in this story.


Alan Burkitt-Gray said...

Moving away from Hull was a considerable improvement that almost outweighs everything else

Anonymous said...

Except, perhaps, moving to Catford.

The man had clearly lost his way, or maybe it was at a time when Catford was a sought after gem in the suburban firmament?

Anonymous said...

Lucy Mangan lives in Catford.

fabhat said...

The house Captain Colbeck lived in has been demolished, but my Mum (his Granddaughter) is trying to get a blue plaque put up on the building that is currently there...which is proving to be an interesting battle.

Catman said...

Inchmery Rd is actually lovely. Part of the conservation area, wide tree-lined roads with big houses. Like Brockley's, but cheaper.

Anonymous said...

I went to the same school as Captain Oates (of "going for a walk..." fame) and I now live in Catford. Do I win a prize?
Agree with Catman about Inchmery road too. It's very nice.

Captain Oates said...

"i thought that bloody tent was around here somewhere . . ."

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