Shenanigans at Release

Shenanigans is a new club night starting this Saturday at Release Nightclub, 24 Lewisham Way. The organisers say:

THIS IS NOT A GOTH CLUB. There will be goth though... and rock (old and new) and punk and indie and cheese and industrial and EBM and filth... pretty much anything you can think of, as long as it's not too mainstream. 

We have the pinnacle of 'alt friendly' security staff. We have drinks promotions. We have... a semi... Doors are 10pm to 1am, with the club running on 'til 3am and a re-admittance policy for us smokers. 

Entry: £4 (all night) or £3 for NUS/NHS.

Click here for full details. With thanks to Chris for the heads-up.


Disgusted of Deptford said...

"We have...a semi"

I'm hoping this refers to their success in the property market rather than anything the BDS would be proud of?

Anonymous said...

I've got a semi now!

Brockley Dogging Society said...

The BDS always recconmends that one always either goes hard, or goes home.

Tim said...

Very good BDS. Hilarious.

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