The Talbot Beer Festival

Felix from The Talbot writes:

We are having our inaugural Beer Festival at the Talbot, it will run from 20th - 24th March and we will have 15 different real ales and a selection of ciders (gravity and bottled) and one perry (gravity) from all around the UK.

On Tuesday there will be an ale pub quiz with lots of Real Ale giveway prizes (T'Shirts, Hats key rings etc) and some free drinks questions. The pot will be over £100 on the night.

Wednesday is CAMRA night with all card carrying members getting one free 1/2 pint of any ale of their choice.
Thursday is ladies night. All ladies eating will get a free 1/2 pint of their choice.

Saturday is the Great Ale Sale were all ales and ciders being sold off at discounted prices.

Please remember Sat 17th March is St. Patrick's day and there is a little matter of an England vs Ireland 6 Nations Rugby game to watch on the big LCD screens if you need an excuse to neck a few pints of Guinness.

Also, don't forget to book a table (and sober up) for the following day, Sunday 18th March, which is Mother's day. Tables are going fast!


Anonymous said...

What's the latest with the Talbot - wasn't it supposed be for sale, or has that already gone through?

Good news if it's still cracking on with this stuff...

Mondee said...

I don't think this was ever really cleared up, anon. The staff seem to continue to deny that it is for sale, and yet it stubbornly remains on the estate agent's website.

Anonymous said...

Lets just get down there and support it by necking a few proper real ales at the festival. It seems the only way to keep our good old pubs going is by frequenting them.

Anonymous said...

Talking of which - sign this:

emmajem said...

love, love, love the Talbot and its lovely food!

Anonymous said...

The Wickham is doing Guinness thurs 15th through till mon 19th at £2.50 a pint and Jamesons at £2.50 a double.

NAT said...

Eldridges, Cambridge, cask of, has just been tapped at the Talbot, and this being a word to the wise, may not survive the Quiz night.

I have to go away somewhere, and must play the long game; With demand must come supply, going forwards.

I may of course be abysmally wrong and it may not have any any of those fashionable middle notes of cherry and hibiscus, but there you go, hey.

Also a great fan of Palmers from Bridport which is an honest pint with a kind of Polly Harvey soundtrack.
You can but dream.

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