Council unveils Deptford High Street improvement plans

The Deptford Dame reports that Lewisham Council is to exhibit its ideas to redevelop Deptford High Street, after it was awarded £1.5m from the Mayor's Outer London Fund to make improvements. The exhibition will take place at The Deptford Lounge from March 15th-April 1st. The Dame hopes that a rogue paving slab with a habit of squirting fishy water at pedestrians will be dealt with and says:

The council is looking at improving the physical condition and layout of the High Street so that it is better equipped to accommodate traffic four days a week and a the market three days a week. Other ideas being worked on include looking at ways to improve parking across the whole of the town centre which take into account current and future user needs and appropriate regulation and creating a new public space at the southern end of the High Street which could host events or seasonal markets.


Robert said...

If we are to judge purely from this visual, then Lewisham's vision is that Deptford High Street should be the same as it is now, but with new lights, and an artisan bread stall?

Sounds reasonable.

Robin Tudge said...

Are they going to spend £1.5 million on making the place eerily translucent?

Anonymous said...

One day the council might spend some money to improve brockley. Maybe.

CLIVE said...

The council should also unveil it's planS for the Brockley Conservation Area, which appears to be under threat. There are plans to turn the mews areas into new residential streets. A planning application for 1 Ashby Mews has just been received at planning for change of use with more to follow for the introduction of 'livework' units down a large part of the mews. All those lovely open green spaces between Upper Brockley Road and Manor Avenue look set to be filled with what is residential by the back door. Pobably have satellite dishes and solar panels all over them.

Hampstead comes to Brockley. Scandalous!

Anonymous said...

The most striking thing about walking down Deptford High St yesterday was the 5 betting shops in the space of less than 100 yards. They are no doubt helping the 3 pawnbrokers to maintain a brisk trade. Feels very depressing when there is so much else that is lively and vibrant about the high st.

Anonymous said...

There is no escaping the fact that Deptford still has an air of social deprivation and poverty.

Though I remember it being much worse in past when its defining feature was the large community of homeless tramps drinking on the street.

Anything that improves the environment in this blighted part of London is a welcome change.

Anonymous said...

WOW, after watching that programme on BBC2 on Wednesday night at 9 pm. Lewisham owe deptford some serious cultural money being spent on it. they destroyed that community to build high rises full of poor people.
I think Lewisham are a good council and are doing some good things planning wise, so fingers crossed they keep innovation going.

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