Breakspears Mews Open Day

There are currently two applications lodged with the Council to develop parts of Ashby Mews, so the Brockley Society's meeting to discuss the future of our mews is nice and timely.

BrocSoc wants to create a community garden in Breakspears Mews and is holding an open meeting tomorrow to discuss this idea. They say: "We aim to turn what has been a fly-tipping nightmare into something beautiful for the community."

In BC's view, the mews are an amazing, underused, often abused, resource. Any ideas to develop them sensitively should be considered, including some limited residential and commercial use. But the community garden idea is very exciting and ought to achieve the aim of bringing more life to the mews, without upsetting local residents or changing the character of the mews too much.

We look forward to learning more about BrocSoc's plans.


jerry said...

It would have been helpful to have more than a single day's notice of this meeting (I assume that's down to BrocSoc, not Nick).

Anonymous said...

wow. THis looks fantastic. I will definitely go along and would help out as well but need a bit of notice as we have two children. Hats off to everyone who has worked to improve the mews - great effort.

Dartford Mike said...

As a former Brockley resident I am struggling to identify the location we are talking about here. I remember Ashby Mews as being the 'driveway' coming off Ashby Road,next to the Hodders Publications offices and warehouse, and going parallel to Upper Brockley Road. Breakspeares Mews would presumably be a couple of roads away? On a related topic, does anyone remember the old Hodder Publications premises? It was a sizeable employer during the late 1960s, before the operation moved out to Riverhead, by Sevenoaks. George Sidders, where are you??!!

Anonymous said...

What is going on in Ashby Mews? There seems to be a neighbourhood battle developing between prospective developers and the residents of manor Avenue.

TheOracle said...

Dartford Mike, I think the Hodder building was based at 1-6 Ashby Mews; behind numbers 54-78 Manor Avenue, and facing on 1-3 Ashby Road (before council offices, now an official council-sanctioned squat.)

The mews units were used for council storage (Unit 1), the Art of Caste irongmonger (Unit 2, since evicted by the new land owner who want to build residential) and the remainder either empty, occupied by art students, or, 'mysteriously', burnt down (Unit 5).

The storage warehouse for the publisher can be seen on old maps.

Anonymous said...

Improving the Mews in Brockley will add to the underlying cool that is occurring there. It will be like a mini chelsea with incredible mews of such quality that people will really want to live here.

rock on brockley, it's amazing

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