Breakspears Mews Open Day

There are currently two applications lodged with the Council to develop parts of Ashby Mews, so the Brockley Society's meeting to discuss the future of our mews is nice and timely.

BrocSoc wants to create a community garden in Breakspears Mews and is holding an open meeting tomorrow to discuss this idea. They say: "We aim to turn what has been a fly-tipping nightmare into something beautiful for the community."

In BC's view, the mews are an amazing, underused, often abused, resource. Any ideas to develop them sensitively should be considered, including some limited residential and commercial use. But the community garden idea is very exciting and ought to achieve the aim of bringing more life to the mews, without upsetting local residents or changing the character of the mews too much.

We look forward to learning more about BrocSoc's plans.