Love London, Go Dutch

Brockley resident Ben Partridge is a local champion for the London Cycling Campaign's Love London Go Dutch petition, working in Lewisham and Southwark, where there have been at least 15 cyclist fatalities in the last five years and countless more casualties along the major commuter routes running from SE London to the city centre.

The campaign is calling on the 2012 London mayoral election candidates to commit to continental-standard cycling infrastructure in the capital. It's a campaign lent more poignant local relevancy by the sad death of local resident Nga Diep, who was killed by a Lewisham lorry driver in March 2008, and whose husband yesterday featured in the Evening Standard, calling on government to do more to protect cyclists.

If you'd be willing to help him distribute petitions, hand out flyers and collect signatures in support of the campaign then please do get in touch at There will also be a family friendly Big Ride in support of the campaign on 28 April, which the LCC hopes to attract over 10, 000 cyclists to join.

Ben will be leading a feeder ride from SE London to join the main ride at it's start on Park Lane and is looking for experienced cyclists to help coordinate it with him along with other LCC volunteers. He'd like you to drop him an email if that sounds like something for you.


Anonymous said...

Countless, like the stars?

Anonymous said...

A good point from someone who knows:

Dan Nguyen, 40, an IT worker from Brockley, said: “You see lots of posters saying how it’s good to cycle, but there’s nowhere near as many warning of the hazards and reminding people to take care. London is a living, breathing city, not a cycle park.

“Successive policy makers and mayors have said people should cycle more but they seem to do very little to educate road users on the risks.”

Anonymous said...

Good post Nick - London roads need to be better for cyclists then more people would cycle and we would have less congestion. I've signed the petition and I'll be there on the 28th.

Headhunter said...

Dan Nguyen is wrong, London is barely a breathing city, with all the pollution largely caused by pointless journeys by motorists across and around London. Smog levels over the past few days have exceeded EU safe limits. If we get people out of their cars and onto bikes or on foot this will not happen. It's a fact that the majority of motorist journeys in London are less than 2 miles at an average speed of 10-12mph....

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