Ten things we learned at Brockley Central Drinks

1. A stick of broccoli with “Central” written on does not make a useful sign
2. When Brockley Ben tells you he’s coming off the wagon tonight, he’s coming off the wagon tonight
3. There are lots of nice BC “lurkers”
4. Brockley’s yummy mummies are miraculously transformed when you swap their babies for a bottle of wine
5. Everyone’s favourite BC articles are written by Brockley Kate
6. It is not easy to find somewhere to live in Brockley these days
7. You can pick the quietest, furthest-flung pub you can find in the area for a drinks night, but Sod’s Law dictates that your one Brockley based ex-girlfriend will choose that night to try the pub for the first time
8. The Old Haberdasher is a great pub once you fill it with people
9. They will let you drink until midnight if you bring enough friends
10. We should do this again in the summer