Church spire horror benefit concert tonight

St Augustine's urgently needs your help to prevent scenes like this happening again.

Philippa writes:

You may know that St. Augustine's church, One Tree Hill, is falling down and has been promised Heritage Lottery funding but only if a certain sum is raised by the end of March. Various fund raising events have taken place and another is happening tomorrow night.

A concert of music specially selected for an evening in early spring will be performed by professional musicians, Benjamin Nabarro (violin) and Fiona Dalzell (piano).

The music is Beethoven's Spring Sonata, a Prokofiev sonata and after the interval, Faure's A Major Sonata and Ravel's Tzigane. It takes place tonight, 23rd March at 7.30pm.

 Tickets at the door are £10 for adults and £5 concessions. All monies raised are to be used for the repair fund.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a picturesque church that. Well worth saving.

suomynona said...

As I worship at the altar of a cloven-hoofed god I can only note that his will is being done and my sacrifice of various fowl has not been in vain.

Anonymous said...

Should be a great concert and for an excellent cause. Worth taking in the view from One Tree Hill while you're there - see the previous posts re Brockley walks for details.

Anonymous said...

how much money do they need to raise? When do they need it by? How close are they to the target amount?

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