Brockley Green Chain: Part 3

‘Those who can, hill’

A bitty section, this – lots of skipping around and road walking, I’m afraid. It would be more substantial if we were able to persuade the households circling Brockley Hill Park to convert it from a private park into a public one. Failing that, come the revolution, we’re gunning for you, BHP householders.

In the absence of revolutionary spirit we head instead from the southernmost edge of Ladywell Fields to the bijou Ravensbourne Park Gardens (not to be confused with what has now been re-named Brookmill Park, up in Deptford). This was originally the private park for the local gentry’s estate – it’s slick with private parks round here. Tells you all you need to know about the area, clearly – there is some nice property porn around, for the Kirstie Allsopp wannabes among you. Also, play ‘spot the vintage car’.

The view from Ravensbourne Park Gardens

A quick nip uphill takes you to an alley running into Blythe Hill Park, a wide open hilltop space with great breezy views to north and west. In particular, Prendergast School looms high on the horizon to the north, showing how far you have come since the opening stages of this walk, and the next stages of this walk can be seen to the west. An old Roman Road runs through this park, heading from central London to Lewes in Sussex (or vice versa, we suppose). These days Lewisham luminaries take the place of legions during the annual festival. This park is a great mid-stage place-marker.

On Blythe Hill Fields, looking back towards Hilly Fields
(being foggy at the time, it wasn't the best day for long-distance views)

The route now heads down Codrington Hill toward Honor Oak Station. If you’re doing this walk in two parts, you can catch a bus back to central Brockley from the main road here. For refreshments, we recommend the Chandos, Babur restaurant or Le Querce restaurant, depending on your preference – all are convenient. The restaurants, in particular, make a great lunch stop.