People Before Profit squat Crofton Park

Lewisham's political landscape would be a blasted, level place without People Before Profit.

The Union-busting-tea-and-crumpet-estate-agent-entrepreneurs will not be distracted by the closure tomorrow of their cafe due to an industrial dispute and are soldiering on with their campaign to prevent Lewisham Council from selling properties at auction. This time, they've occupied homes in Crofton Park.

The News Shopper reports:

Defiant campaigners have “saved” two more properties from auction so they can be used to house Lewisham families. In a bid to stop the flats in Hazeldon Road, Croftfon Park, being sold off at auction tomorrow, activists from Lewisham People Before Profit (LPBF) entered the addresses yesterday evening and have been squatting in them since.

The last time they did this, we suggested they had a point about the Council allowing properties to be sold too cheaply. The analysis that followed in the comments section, from people who know what they are talking about, persuaded BC that they didn't have a point after all.