Simon writes:

My friend and I are putting on a club night called FFTANG! FFTANG! at The Amersham Arms on Easter Saturday, 7th April. The night has been going on every month for three years in various London venues, but we're now going to concentrate on one-off big events like this at The Amersham. It was set up by New Cross resident Huskiii and we play global beats and tropical bass - there's more info on our website: www.fftangfftang.com/live

We were also featured in Time Out, from when FFTANG! FFTANG! had a residency at 93 Feet East in Shoreditch.


James Simmons said...

Hey guys - this looks awesome - any room for a deep house DJ



mb said...

Man the barricades, the hipsters are comming! (on skateboards I hope)

Anonymous said...


SE London Bags said...

we're not hipsters we just like to dance

sick of it said...

good luck to them. the only thing I ask is that the people that run the amersham arms, wash down the puddles of sick deposited on the pavement around their establishment.

Two puddles of sick Tuesday, fresh offerings on Wednesday and three big big puddles this morning, right outside the their doors, one of which was a particularly alarming shade of pink, the other two, varying hues of yellow. It's enough to make u baarf on my way to the station which I nearly did this morning.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with a few puddles of sick - they are after all both organic fare AND artisan fare, being in effect a Goldsmiths production.

Local wildlife (such as pigeons) will happily chip away at these deposits, crucial as they are to the everlasting circle of life.

If you're anti-these, you're anti-nature.

oryx said...

I'm far too old to go clubbing these days but that is one great poster.

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