The Rover Vitesse Fastback driver's guide to Brockley

A BC reader has created a guide to eating and shopping in Brockley that focuses on some of the local businesses less-often mentioned on the site. It's a route which he believes represents "honest" Brockley. Here's his map:

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He's accidentally mentioned a few businesses that are always being discussed and celebrated on Brockley Central, like Fishy Business, The Wickham Arms, Top Chef and the Brockley Barge, but he's probably got a day job and did this in his spare time, so we'll make allowances.

More worryingly, Tesco is mentioned, so he obviously secretly works for them. There are no jerk establishments, so he's clearly racist. It only covers the Conservation Area, so he's a massive snob. The Barge and The Wickham are family-friendly, so we've no idea what he's playing at there? And the effete ponce has not included any newsagents on the list. The Google map he's created includes directions for both walking and public transport, indicating that he's a vegan and his wee smells funny. He probably moved here fewer than 20 years ago - most likely from one of the home counties - so his opinions and this map are therefore invalid.

Still, it's an interesting project, worthy of supporting, so please help him fill it in by posting your suggestions below.