The London Particular at The Social

The reputation of New Cross cafe The London Particular is growing and it has been ask to take up a three-month residence in the kitchen of The Social, Little Portland Street, who say:

The London Particular team are giving the menu a radical shake up. The results over the trial period of the last two weeks have been jaw-droppingly brilliant. Word is already spreading that the bar is now offering really great locally sourced, homemade, affordable food. 

The Particular's Becky says:

We will be offering a special deal for our SE customers for a discounted meal at The Social if they take a stamped flier from the London Particular.

With local champions like old-timers Babur and newcomers Brockley Market, El's Kitchen and Brown's of Brockley, this area is fast-establishing itself as a culinary hotbed, worthy of more than just local interest.


Anonymous said...

Is the main cafe in New Cross staying open during this time?

fong said...

Main cafe is open. They've been at the Social for about a month and the cafe has been unaffected.

I'm a big fan of both.

mrjingles said...

Still no restaurant though Brockley... :(

Hardly a foody hotspot

Anonymous said...

Top Chef is in Brockley, that's a restaurant.

TJ said...

Anon - you troll - its a caff, a good one, and wouldn't call itself anything else

Anonymous said...

The Top Chef is a restaurant selling traditional fayre.

Anonymous said...

I went into Top Chef and looked at the menu. Nowhere does it say anything about Traditional Fayre.

You Sir, are a speaker of untruths and in so doing have robbed a man of the dinner he was eagerly anticipating.

That is serious matter in these parts, you are under notice troll boy.

Anonymous said...

The Top Chef menu is traditional fayre through-and-through, where were you looking?

DJ said...

'Traditional fayre'? What, like pottage and ale?
Or do you mean fry ups and pies and sausages and cakes like the Orchard/Broca/Brockley Mess/Browns?
Good traditional no nonsense food - none of those 15% meat 'pig's lips and arseholes' sausages and tasteless battery eggs that mugs eat.

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