The London Particular at The Social

The reputation of New Cross cafe The London Particular is growing and it has been ask to take up a three-month residence in the kitchen of The Social, Little Portland Street, who say:

The London Particular team are giving the menu a radical shake up. The results over the trial period of the last two weeks have been jaw-droppingly brilliant. Word is already spreading that the bar is now offering really great locally sourced, homemade, affordable food. 

The Particular's Becky says:

We will be offering a special deal for our SE customers for a discounted meal at The Social if they take a stamped flier from the London Particular.

With local champions like old-timers Babur and newcomers Brockley Market, El's Kitchen and Brown's of Brockley, this area is fast-establishing itself as a culinary hotbed, worthy of more than just local interest.