Brockley Market - righting a great wrong with Scotch eggs and dark fluid

Other than the Rivoli, there are very few reasons for London's lifestyle media to bother with Brockley. But Brockley Market is doing a great job, forcing its way in to the Standard (which loves its Scotch eggs) and Time  Out, which (as many BCers have pointed out) reviews it this week. They say:

What started out life as a small market in a college car park has since blossomed into a weekly social event for local residents who want to sample the colour and flavour of Borough or Spitalfields without wandering far from their front doors. The focus is on locally-sourced seasonal food, whether that's a joint for your Sunday lunch, your basic supply of fresh fruit and veg, or cakes, artisan breads, cheese and charcuterie for a special occasion. As well as being a good spot to tick off your shopping list, Brockley is great for brunch. Arrive early and enjoy an award-winning Dark Fluid Coffee and breakfast burrito from Luardos Mexican Street Food van - the perfect way to kick-start your weekend.